¿Puedo usar lubricante de silicona en juguetes de silicona?

Can I use silicone lube on silicone toys?

This is a question that has generated much debate. Some silicone lubricants, such as Unholy Lube, may be compatible with certain silicone toys, but it is important to do a “spot test” before use. Apply a small drop of the lubricant to the base of the toy and let it sit for a few hours. If the material shows no changes, they are likely compatible. If it is not supported, you will likely see that area swell, although the affectation may be barely noticeable. If it inflates, wash it immediately and the toy should be back to normal, as we understand that even if the lube is not compatible with the toy, it usually takes several hours, if not days, for the silicone lube to damage it. In fact, it can take many days or weeks of non-compatible silicone-on-silicone contact to degrade or "melt" the toy as the two different silicone materials bond together.

If you decide to use silicone lubricants with your silicone toys, be sure to wash them thoroughly after each use and preferably within 2-3 hours maximum. For added safety, you can use a condom as a protective barrier.

Remember that some toy manufacturers cannot recommend the use of silicone lubricants due to their quality guarantees, but our experience allows us to share these observations so that you can enjoy with peace of mind, whether with or without toys, but always using Unholy Lube! !

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