El Arte de Aplicar Lubricantes Íntimos.

The Art of Applying Intimate Lubricants.

The art of applying intimate lubricants is, without a doubt, a practice that can significantly improve sexual comfort and pleasure. To get the most out of this product, it is important to follow a few quick and easy steps.

First, becoming familiar with the lubricant is essential. Reading the label and the instructions that accompany the product will allow us to know its expiration date and avoid any potential irritation effects, hot or cold effects, flavors, bactericides and spermicides that may cause discomfort or rashes on the tissues. sensitive. Carefully choosing a suitable lubricant for each person, considering possible allergies or sensitivities to certain chemical ingredients, is essential to guarantee a pleasant experience.

When applying lubricant, it is important to avoid the sensation of cold shock. Rubbing your hands before use or slightly warming the bottle in warm water will help generate pleasant heat during use. Making sure both partners are well lubricated before engaging in sexual play is essential. For men, apply an appropriate amount to both the shaft and head of the penis, and for women, apply it to both the vaginal opening and inside the vaginal canal.

If sex toys or accessories are used, it is necessary to check their compatibility with the lubricant and apply the appropriate amount before use. For anal sex, some suggest using a significant amount of lubricant, a dollop of high-quality silicone lubricant directly into the anal canal for easier entry.

Keeping the lubricant close and at hand during sexual play will allow for quick and easy application should you need to use it again. Considering having it on a nightstand near the bed is a useful practice.

Finally, cleaning the lubricant after sexual intercourse and storing it properly in a safe, dry place, out of the reach of children, are important aspects to ensure the privacy and conservation of the product.

Following these tips, the use of lubricant will become an art that will enhance intimacy and enjoyment in sexual relations in a delicate and sophisticated way.

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